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Press Release Symphony No 1 David F Golightly Award nomination. 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards Nominations The Just Plain Folks Music Organization has officially announced the nominees for its 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. After receiving over 25,500 albums and 350,000 songs from 105 countries, Nominations for Best Song in 67 Genres and Best Album in 81 categories have been posted. In addition, we have posted this year''s Lyric and Video Nominees. All nominations are posted on the Just Plain Folks website found at The winners will be announced at the Just Plain Folks Music Awards Show on November 4th, 2006 in Santa Ana, CA at the Galaxy Theater. 2006 Album Nominee: Awarded 2nd Prize
  • Complimentary CD''s scores and parts for all professional musicians and ensembles committed to performances.
  • British Academy commission rates.
  • Help and part funding for recording , distribution and reviews via the modrana label for all recordings of David F Golightly.
  • New commissions and existing music.
  • Orchestrations and arrangements fee negotiable.
  • Modrana Music Publishers has a policy of providing complimentary scores and parts to those professional ensembles and performers that consider Modrana publications for performance and recording. In addition we will, in some situations, provide financial assistance to those professional ensembles or soloists who consider Modrana publications for new CD release. We have a vast network of distribution, review, and promotional contacts. The company takes an active role in helping those professional performers considering Modrana publications.
  • Extensive free catalogue available of Orchestral: Choral: and Chamber Music. Orchestral Music includes. Symphony no 1: Three Sea Shanties: Recorder Concerto: Flute Concerto: Trumpet Concerto: Concerto for Strings: Symphony No 2.
  • Orchestration, Film, and Arrangement commissions considered 2006-2007.
  • Concert Commissions considered for 2007-8 seasons.
  • Commissions, Recordings, Premieres, and work in progress for 2006-2007.
  • Premieres include. Second Symphony: Requiem Mass: Bassoon Concerto: Trumpet Concerto: String Quartet No 1: English Folk Song Arrangements.
  • CD releases include. The Flute Concerto: The Trumpet Concerto: The Concerto for Strings: The St Petersburg Mass: The Choral Music of David F Golightly: The Requiem Mass: The Piano Trio: and the Second Symphony.
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St Petersburg Mass Premiere 1994 State Capella Hall St Petersburg

Main Works Chronological order.



1979 Moods for Solo Clarinet. 979-0708056-66-9

1980 Serenade for Solo Tuba 979-0708056-84-3
1983 Trombone Quartet Vol 1 979-0708056-52-2
1983 Trombone Quartet Vol 2 979-0708056-53-9
1983 Concert Fanfare 979-0708056-55-3
1983 Septet for Brass. 979-0708056-54-6
1983 Two Simple Pieces for Brass solo 979-0708056-48-5
1983 Two Simple Pieces for Woodwind solo 979-0708056-59-1
1985 Crimond. Arrangement for Brass Band 979-0708056-56-0
1990 Three Simple Pieces for Flute and Piano. 979-0708056-62-4
1990 Three Simple Pieces for Oboe and Piano 979-0708056-62-1
1990 Three Simple Pieces for Clarinet and Piano 979-0708056-63-8
1990 Three Simple Pieces for Bassoon and Piano 979-0708056-64-5
1990 Three Simple Pieces for Brass and Piano 979-0708056-50-8
1990 Festive Prelude. 979-0708056-47-8
1992 The Eye Chamber Opera 979-0708056-75-1
1992 Dance Bacchanal for Orchestra 979-0708056-74-4
1993 The Lords Prayer for Soprano and Piano 979-0708056-39-3
1993 Rites of Passage for S.A.T.B. and Piano 979-0708056-05-8
1993 Rites of Passage for T.T.B.B. and Piano 979-0708056-06-5
1994 Songs of the Cliff Top for Baritone and Piano 979-0708056-42-3
1994 Don Cossacks arrangement T.T.B.B. 979-0708056-03-4
1994 Frontiers for S.A.T.B. and Piano 979-0708056-19-5
1994 Frontiers for T.T.B.B. and Piano 979-0708056-20-1
1994 St Petersburg Mass 979-0708056-00-3
1995 English Folk Songs for Soprano and Piano 979-0708056-31-7
1996 Two Sea Scapes for Wind Quintet 979-0708056-67-6
1996 Three Shadow Portraits for Solo Piano 979-0708056-46-1
1997 Piano Sonata 979-0708056-45-4
1998 A Weardale Portrait for Brass Band 979-0708056-57-7
2000 First Symphony 979-0708056-72-0
2000 Three Sea Scapes for Orchestra 979-0708056-73-7
2001 Letters of Regret Piano Trio 979-0708056-77-5
2002 Flute Concerto 979-0708056-69-0
2003 Dances for Show Girls for Piano Trio 979-0708056-78-2
2003 Trumpet Concerto 979-0708056-70-6
2003 Three Pan Love Songs for Solo Flute 979-0708056-60-7
2004 Concerto for Strings 979-0708056-71-3
2005 Prelulada Contranpontala for Strings 979-0708056-80-5
2006 Reunion Waltz for Piano Trio 979-0708056-83-6
2006 Im Memorial for Piano Trio 979-0708056-82-9
2006 Second Symphony 979-0708056-81-2
2007 The Lord’s Prayer for S.A.T.B. and Piano 979-0708056-85-0
2007 Housman settings for Soprano and Piano 979-0708056-86-7
2007 Three Graded Impressions for Oboe and Piano 979-0708056-88-1
2008 Compositional Tutorial. Two Volumes. 205 original musical examples. Two Cds.
2008 Two Preludes Three Fugues based on the DFG codes for Clarinet Quartet. 979-0708056-90-1
2008 Three Preludes Three Fugues based on the DFG codes for Solo Piano. 979-0708056 89 8
2009 Bassoon Concerto 979-0708056-91-1
2009 Songs of Time and Place for Mezzo Soprano and Piano 979-0708056-92-8
2009 Rites of Passage for Baritone and Piano 979-0708056-92-5
2010 The Christmas Rose for S.A.T.B. 979-0708056-94-2
2010 Variations on Psalm 33 for S.A.T.B. and organ 979-070805697-3
2010 Cornish Fishermen for T.T.B.B and piano. 979-708056-96-6
2010 Three Dance Episodes for Viola and Piano 979-0708056-95-9
2011 Violin Sonata for Violin and Piano 979-0708056-98-0
2011 Cello Sonata for Cello and Piano 979-0708056-99-7

2011 Songs of an Evening Sea for Mezzo Soprano and Piano 979-0798108-02-3

2012 Seven preludes and Seven Fuges for Piano on the DFG codes. Vol 1 979-0708056-89-6

2012 The Rose for T.T.B.B and Piano 979-07080108-05-4

2012 Variations on a Morley Madrigal 979-0-708108-11-5.

2012 Revision of the slow movement of the second symphony.

2012 Three Tuba Jollies for Tuba and Piano 979-0-708108-12-2

2013  Tuba Sonata. A three movement work for Tuba and Piano dedicated to Ewan Easton.

2013  Three Folk Song Settings for Mezzo Soprano and String Trio

2014  Marimba Sonata

2014  Three Songs of Re-birth for Soprano and Piano

2015 Revision of Second Symphony Completed.

2015 Seven Preludes and Fugues for Piano on the DFG Codes

Volume 11 a second a third volume to complete. 

2015 The Singer for Male Voice Choir and Mezzo Soprano Amended from the original.

2015 Three Northumberland Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano.

2015 "White is the Moon" A second Volume of Housman settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano

2015  Ain't Misbehaving arranged for Brass Band (Junior or 4th section)

2015  Blue Moon arranged for Brass Band (Junior or 4th section))

2015  Witchcraft arranged for Brass Band  (3rd or 2nd section)

2016 Completion of first book of the Dragon Quintology "Pieces of Light and Dark"

2017 "Moments from the Footsteps of War" Third Volume of Housman settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano.

2017 Second Poetry Anthology "Blackbird in the Garden"

2017 Magnificat for S.A.T.B 

2017 The Gift for S.A.T.B 

2017 Three Moments from the Footsteps of War for S.A.T.B

2017 Strangers in the Night for Brass Band

2017 The Soldiers Hymn Brass Band and Choir.



Rehearsal Second Symphony December 2006 State Capella Hall St Petersburg

Recording for Concerto for Strings Kiev Philharmonic 2005


1999 Se tu m’ami Pergolesi arranged for Soprano/Str/Lute
1999 Danza, Danza, Durante arranged for Soprano/StrFl
1999 Che fiero momento Gluck arranged for Soprano/Str/ob Hpsi
1999 Sen corre l’agnelletta Sarri arranged for Soprano/Str/ob Lute
1999 Cujus animam Pergolesi arranged for Soprano/Str/ Hpsi
1999 Vidit suum Pergolesi arranged for Soprano/Str/ Hpsi
1999 Nel cor piu Paisello arranged for Soprano/Str/ Lute
1999 Le Violette Scarlatti arranged for Soprano/Str/ Hpsi
1999 Genugsamkeit Bach arranged for Soprano/Str/ ObD’m
1999 Ich hatte viel Bach arranged for Soprano/Str/ ObD’m

Music for Theatre Productions, Grange Arts Centre
1984-94 Incidental music for the following theatre productions.
Grange Arts Centre
Caucasian Chalk Circle.
Blood Wedding,
Cider with Rosie,
Under Milkwood,
Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Disorderly Women,
Diary of Adrian Mole,
Snow Queen,
Peter Pan,
On the Razzel,
Hans Witch and the Gobin,
The Glass Menagerie.
Juno and the Paycock
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Writings and Poems

1996-2000 "The Calling of the Roween". Poetry Book

2002 "Waits a Dragon" Quintology

2002-2006 "Chronicles and Journals of the Pieces of Light and Dark" 12 Books.

2016          First Book of the Dragon Quintology completed and edited. "Pieces of Light and Dark"

2017         Second Book of the Dragon Quintology in Draft. "The Seeking heart"

2017         Second Poetry Anthology completed. "Blackbird in the Garden"

2017        Third Anthology of Poetry Extracts and Arias taken from the libretto from the opera "The Eye" 

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Depending on ability and committment David will consider pupils for tuition in composition and arrangements. This can be obtained via e-mail corespondance or vocal exchange of via MP3. In some region cases, a one to one may be offered. However it must be clearly understood that any tuition provided requires a firm and dedicated committment from the student. Payment can be arranged via Pay Pal contact the composer for details.

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