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ID: CT 001 Compositional Tutorial
Compositional Tutorial

Compositional Tutorials


David F Golightly

£20.00 + £2.50 P&P

Includes a CD of over 200 original musical examples



This stunning, substantial, handy to use book, covers every aspect of composition in exceptional detail. A complete series of tutorials for the teacher to use and prepare students for the subject. Topics include.


Melody,       Rhythm,              Harmony,        Form,

Silence.        Tempo.                Dynamics.



This book is an absolute must for both the serious student of composition and the teacher (secondary or higher) who needs to introduce pupils to the various devices and techniques required to compose. Includes a vast number of musical examples created by an experienced composer working in a variety of musical styles. Also included are exercises and homework''s to refine the skills developed.  This book is so simple and direct as to remove the mystique from the process of composing. An absolute must for both the serious student and the beginner.



To hear short extract of some of the musical example click on a icon. 



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