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David Golightly Biographical Details

David F Golightly studied composition with Richard Steinitz at Huddersfield University.




River Wear Frosterley 2008 John Graham
River Frosterley

 Born in Co Durham and he now lives in the Wear Valley North-East of England. 

St Petersburg Mass Score
St Petersburg Mass

 A number of his compositions have been commissioned by eminent performers, including “Moods” for Roger Heaton, and “Rites of Passage” and “The St Petersburg Mass” for The Soglasie Male Voice Choir of St Petersburg”.

Rehearsal Second Symphony State Capella Hall St Petersburg
Rehearsal Second Symphony State Capella

 David has had his music performed as far afield as America, Germany, Poland and Russia. To add to his credits, David was also acclaimed for the Baroque arrangements for the Rumanian opera singer Inessa Galante on her CD “Arietta”. Important premieres recordings and commissions scheduled for the year 2008-2009 and beyond!! include the "Flute Concerto" ( October 2003 Orchestra of the Square Chapel) "Three Pan Love Songs" ( Recorded by Nina Assimakapoulos) and the mammoth“Second Symphony” (Dedicated to Serge Inkov Choral master Kirov) Based on four Pushkin poems in Russian this, 58 minute second symphony  was premiered December 2006 State Capella Hall and featured  (Russian Female Choir), and large symphony Orchestra. Much of David''s serious music is recorded and can be obtained from Modrana Music Publishers/Promotions Ltd. or at most retail outlets.


CD First Symphony
Symphony CD

 The First Symphony, now aptly named, ''The Middlesbrough Symphony" , was recorded and promoted in partnership with Middlesbrough Football Club and was dedicated to their chairman Mr Steve Gibson. David was chairman of “The North-West Composers’ Association” and, is a Member of the British Academy. In addition, he was also one of the classical representatives for the “PRS Advisory Group” established to assist the company review its public performance and broadcast policy.

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  • Compositional Projects and commissions for the 2018/19 season include The Requiem Mass: Bassoon Concerto: Folk song arrangements: String quartet. Preludes and fugues for piano
  • Contact the composer via the Modrana e-mail to discuss commissions for 2018/19



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