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ID: 979-0708056 60 7 Three Pan Love Songs
Pan songs

Three love songs for solo flute based on three Greek mythological figures. Amphitrite, Euphrosyne Maia Three Pan Love Songs was commissioned and recorded by Nina Assimakopoulos and released by Euterpe Recordings, CD no 202, in July 2003. The work uses several innovative 20th century flute techniques, including flutter tongue and multiphonics, as well as a newly developed effect “flute pizzicato”. This sound is produced when the notes are played by releasing the tongue percussively from between the lips, letting air through without sounding the note, and keeping the head joint tilted enough for the released air to pick up the pitch fingered. There are “Three Pan Love Songs” Amphitrite, Nymph of the Sea: Euphrosyne, Grace of Mirth: and Maia, Daughter of Atlas. “With all three pieces Pan uses the milieu of each nymph to try to hypnotise and woo her” The first love song uses the coaxing ebb and flow of the sea, combined with the sounds of its unique spacious timbre. The second love song imitates the quavering giggles of Euphrosyne, the Rubenesque mistress of humour. In places the flautist is required to hum while playing.(Multiphonics) The third song strives for a somewhat ethereal version of an equestrian rhythm, because Maia liked to hunt. “These scenarios tailored to the mannerisms of each nymph are quiet evocative, and a unique addition to the repertoire” Nina Assimakopoulos.

Amphitrite (341kb)
Euphrosyne (274kb)
Maia (333kb)


ID: 979-0708056 66 9 Moods for Solo B Flat Clarinet
Image 1

Five Movement Challenging Contemporary Piece Composed for Roger Heaton. PERFORMANCE NOTES  Quarter Tone up. Quarter Tone Down. Rapid Vibrato (lip or Diaphragm) Lip Vibrato. Vibrato Quasi Gliss. Rough, breath, growl, play note, sing and let air escape simultaneously. ( End of “Mood” two ) Tone-less ( End of “Mood” Three ) All five “Moods” should be played freely with a general observance of bar durations and rhythm suggestions.


Isolation (971kb)
Jovialities (485kb)
Anger (753kb)
Loneliness (1713kb)
Desolation (992kb)


ID: 979-0708056 67 2 Four Preludes for Flute and Guitar Score and Pts
Four Preludes For Flute and Guitar

Four Preludes Folk Dance Passacalgia, Two Part Invention, Spanish Dance.

Folk Dance Extract (498kb)
Passacaglia Extract (722kb)
Two Part Invention (570kb)
Spanish Dance (858kb)


ID: 979-0708056 67 6 Two Sea Scapes for Wind Quintet Score and Pts
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Two humorous settings of sea shanties. Fire down below. Whiskey Johnny. These are very humorous setting of Sea Shanties in the Malcolm Arnold vain. Ideal companion pieces to the more famous wind quintet pieces. Why not purchase a signed copy from the composer. The signature may be an investment for the future as well as the obvious enjoyment of the music. Include details with your e-mail order.


Whisky Johnny (482kb)
Fire Down Below (458kb)


ID: 979-0708056 90 4 Two Preludes + Three Fugue on the D.G codes for Clarinet Quartet.
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 Prelude No1 Sostenuto. Fugue No 1 Moderato. Prelude No 2 Leggiero. Fugue No 2 Con umore Burlesco Fugue No 3 Con umore.

Prelude one extract (326kb)
Fugue one extract (400kb)
Prelude two extract (368kb)
Fugue two extract (482kb)
Fugue three extract (562kb)


ID: 979-0708056 91. Bassoon Concerto
Image 1

Movement one extract (607kb)
Movement two extract (551kb)
Movement Three Extract (734kb)




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