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ID: 979-0-708108-14-6 Three Folk Song Settings for Mezzo Soprano and String Trio


These three folk song settings for String Trio and Mezzo Soprano were commissioned by David Appleton to celebrate the birthday of Judy Glover. The duration is 12 minutes and the settings are 

1 Bonny at Morn.

2 The Culler-coats Fish Lass.

3 The Water of Tyne.

The vocal range is from middle c to e and e natural an octave and a third above middle c.

All scores come with parts and a cd for rehearsal purpose. 


Bonny at Morn Extract (965kb)
The Culler-coats Fish Lass Extract (982kb)
The Water of Tyne Extract (945kb)


ID: 979-0-708108-25-2 Three Northumberland Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano
Three Northumberland Folk Songs Title page

Three settings of Northumberland Folk Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano.

1. Bonny at Morn.

2. The Culler-coats Fish Lass

3. The Waters of Tyne.

Originally composed for String Trio and Mezzo Soprano in 2013 as a commission from David Appleton, to celebrate the birthday of Judy Glover, these settings have been revised and adapted for Piano and Mezzo Soprano. They use the original dialect and again are only for the professional singer and pianist. 

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Bonnie at Morn Extract (1059kb)
The Culler-coats Fish Lass Title Page (1009kb)
The Waters of Tyne (940kb)


ID: 979-0-708108-27-6 White is the Moon Three Housman Settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano Volume 2
White is the Moon Title page

A second volume of settings of Housman poems for Mezzo Soprano and Piano to complement the first volume, "Into my Heart and Air that Kills" The three poems set are

1  "White is the Moon the Long Road Lies"

2  "Think no More Lad Laugh be Jolly"

3   "Because I liked you Better than Suits a Man to Say"

These are difficult settings, note range low B flat- to F octave and a 4th above middle c. Only really for the professional singer and pianist. Evocative and poignant they capture the tragedy and sense of loss created by the first world war. The last setting in particular hints, in the composers mind at least, to Housman's love of a lady already married.

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White is the Moon Extract (973kb)
Think No More Lad Extract (341kb)
Because I liked you Better (992kb)


ID: 979-0-708108-31-3 Moments from the Footsteps of War
Content page for Volume Three

This is the third volume of Housman settings for Mezzo Soprano and Piano. David has returned over and over again to Housman poetry setting now nine poems. These latest three are perhaps the most difficult and demanding settings, only for professional singers of the highest calibre. The three poems set are.

1 . When I watch the Living Meet.

2.  I wake from Dreams and Turning.

3   There Pass the Careless People.

Review David's vocal style Emily Cobley (Howard)

"I am a mezzo soprano, originally from New York, where I sang with the Metropolitan Opera and with the New York Philharmonic. But most significantly, on a personal level, I worked and still work with many living composers and have premiered and/or recorded dozens of new compositions. David F. Golightly is one of those composers and I rate his work of the highest quality and artistic relevance.  David’s songs continue in the rich tradition of 19th and 20th century English art song in that they are rooted strongly in the landscape and language of his home county and in the Northeast of England.  I find his songs to be a unique and poignant picture of life, both and present, in an area of England that I have come to deeply admire.  In 2014, I sang a concert, organised by David, in the town of Tow Law in County Durham.  I found the people and landscape of this underrepresented area to be fascinating and inspiring and I believe David’s songs accurately reflect their unique qualities.  I am also eager to sing the arrangements that David has made of Northeast folksong in the dialect that he grew up hearing and speaking. 

It is important to note that David songs, while rooted in the older art song tradition, make use of the sophisticated compositional techniques of the 20th and 21st centuries.  David has an ability to make complicated melodic lines that hint but do not venture into atonality, sound simple and beautiful.   He can use the accompaniment as a form of tone painting in a way that seems perfectly natural. One doesn’t hear the hours of effort it took or the thought processes behind the composition, one hears something that sounds like a description of a time and place. I cannot stress how important I think this is in terms of the quality and importance of the work. 

I am very eager to record David F. Golightly’s songs and hope that his compositions are given the performance they deserve”.


ID: 979-0708056 31 7 Three English Folk Songs for Soprano and Piano
Image 1

Three English Folk Songs for Soprano And Piano Complete Wraggle Taggle Gipsies, The Gallowgate Lad Blow Away the Morning Dew.

Wraggle Taggle Gipsies Oh (945kb)
The Gallowgate Lad (872kb)
Blow Away the Morning Dew (762kb)


ID: 979-0708056 39 3 The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer for Soprano and Piano Vocal Range Middle C to E second line treble clef. Available in a number of transpositions.

The Lord's prayer Extract (620kb)


ID: 979-0708056 41 6 Songs of the Cliff Top for Baritone and Piano included CD
Cliftop Dunstable

Three settings of poems by Steve Hopson Sea Bird, After the Kill, Puffin.

Songs of the Clifftop for Baritone and Piano includes Study CD. 

These are very evocative setting of poems about nature.

"The imagery of the poems of the Songs of the Cliff-Top with their strong reference to the natural order of life, mirrors the ancient mysticism of Hea. This old God of nature, demanded nothing. The poetic landscape of these poems portrays a god not capable of love or hate, good or evil, but possessing the eternal logic of nature"

"It is enough to live and die, signing the purpose with our actions" Animals, indeed much of nature, with the exception of man adopts this concept.

Composed as part of the British Composers Guild 50th celebrations in 1994. Recorded by Mark Rowlinson Baritone, and Peter Lawson Piano in 2003.


Three settings of poems by Steve Hopson Sea Bird, After the Kill, Puffin.

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Sea Bird Extract (796kb)
After the Kill Extract (793kb)
Puffin Extract (532kb)


ID: 979-0708056 86 7 Into my Heart Song Cycle Three Housman Settings

Three Housman settings for Mezzo Soprana and Piano. Into my Heart an Air that Kills. On the idle hill of summer. Epitaph on a Army of Mercenaries.

Into my heart and air that kills extract (961kb)
On the Idle Hills of Summer Extract (1198kb)
Epitaph on a Army of Mercenaries extract (1252kb)


ID: 979-0708056 93 5 Rites of Passage for Baritone and Piano
Title Page

 Rites of Passage Composed in 1993 David had also written a sequence of songs for one of the top male voice choirs in Russia, the Rouss-land Soglasie Choir of St Petersburg. The cycle involved settings for six poems by the great Russian poet, Pushkin, and was called "Rites of Passage". David has been familiar with the work of Pushkin for some time, since he bought an anthology of Pushkin''s poems from an antique shop in Hexham when he was 17. So it seemed a natural progression for him to create "Rites of Passage", putting together six poems in a sequence that reflects a journey through life. The fourth song, "The Flower ", echoes experiences of love corrupted by circumstance. It was written for a loved one, revealing "the poignancy of receiving a crushed flower, given as a gift of remembrance of a timeless moment." The Russians performed "Rites of Passage" throughout Britain on their l993 UK tour, and have since performed it many times in Russia and Europe. It has become their theme tune! Copyright Steve Hobson l995. Reviews The Music of David Golightly, by Alexander Govorov David Golightly''s Choral music was the first Western composer''s music to become part of Soglasie''s repertoire, following the Choir''s first meeting with the composer in March 1993. I was greatly interested in his work from the first, particularly as I was familiar with the English style of Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Britten and Tippett. David Golightly''s work is indisputably English, but his music also reveals an Englishman with a Russian Soul. As we rehearsed "Rites of Passage" we were inspired. Working our way towards a better understanding of the choral pieces, we discovered both the composer''s love for Pushkin''s poetry and the deep sincerity of his talent. The ideas and images of Pushkin''s words expressed themselves through the composer''s language of music. The great Russian composer, Mussorgsky, said, "Of greatest importance for a composer in creating music is the search for truth". It is this truth we hear when we perform David Golightly''s music. Our further association with this talented English composer developed into a large scale co-operation, "The St Petersburg Mass ", which was composed for and commissioned by the Soglasie Choir. The premiere of this work in St Petersburg in May 1994 was a major event in the musical life of the city and many important artists and composers attended this unique occasion. Professor Mussin, who is head of Conducting at the St Petersburg Conservatoire, commented that it was "Music of the Heart". and it received a ten-minute standing ovation from an enthusiastic audience.

Life's Carriage (406kb)
The Bird (480kb)
The Singer (744kb)
The Flower (548kb)
Omens (763kb)


ID: 979-0708056-92-8 Songs of Times and Place
Title Cover Songs of Time and Place

 This difficult song cycle set three poems of Steve Hobson. The High Ridge, The Secret Path and The Edge of the World. 

This second song cycle based on poems by Steve Hobson, explores the atmospheres and sense of permanency of the natural world. The piano has a crucial role, as a canvas on which the singer should paint a descriptive reflective mood. A ethereal tone to suggest the mysticism, wonder and beauty, experience just standing within the heart of creation. (N.B. The high G in the song “The High Ridge” can be sung an octave lower or as an intense scream) 


The Secret Path Extract (1658kb)
The High Ridge Extract (990kb)
The Edge of the World Extract (1032kb)


ID: 979-0708108-02-3 Songs of an Evening Sea
Songs of an Evening Sea

The song cycle "Songs of an Eveniing Sea" represent David F Golightly's mature style. There are three settings of the poetry of Beverley-Ann Thomas. Coral Clouds, Ballade for Lovers and The Moon. Evocative and sensual this work captures the atmosphere of the sea at night. 

Coral Clouds Extract (967kb)
Ballade for Lovers Extract (966kb)
The Moon Extract (968kb)


ID: 979-0708108-17-7 Three Songs of Re-birth

Lakeland Morning Extract (858kb)
Invocation Extract (793kb)
Proserpine Extract (790kb)




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