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ID: 979-0-708108-18-4 Ain't Misbehaving
Ain't Misbehaving Junior Band Title Page

Ain't Misbehaving arranged by David F Golightly for Junior Brass Band.

This is an extremely popular arrangement of this thirties standard. Suitable for forth, third and junior section Brass Bands it is an ideal concert piece. Easy to learn, and a short duration 3.00 minutes. Score comes with a full set of parts.

Ain't Misbehaving Extract (755kb)
Ain't Misbehaving first page of score (45kb)


ID: 979-0-708108-20-7 Blue Moon
Blue Moon For Junior Band Title Page

Blue Moon arranged for Junior Brass Band by David F Golightly. 

A delightful arrangement of this popular thirties standard, suitable for junior, forth and third section, Brass Bands. Easy to learn and a excellent concert piece. Duration. 2.30 minutes. Comes with a full score and set of parts. Also available from 

Durham Music

17 High Street South,

Langley Moor



0191 378 9144 

Blue Moon Extract (682kb)
Blue Moon First page of score (40kb)


ID: 979-0-708108-28-3 Witchcraft
Title Page

Witchcraft for Brass Band, arranged David F Golightly Duration 4 minutes, An ideal test piece for entertainment contests. The arrangement tests all sections of the band. Score comes with a full set of parts.

First Page of Score (53kb)


ID: 979-0708056 56 0 Crimond
Image 1

Also available as a five verse symphonic arrangement for Windband of this famous hymn. Ideal concert piece. This is a five-verse setting of this popular hymn. Each verse has a different musical approach to reflect the meaning of the words. The last first is set as a triumphant celebration of faith, which is in keeping with my mother's trust and belief in her God. Recorded by Stanhope Silver Band in 1998 the work was composed in 1985 and played by Holmfirth Silver Band conducted by David Hurst. Dedicated to my Mother Mrs Joyce Bewley the work was one of her favourite hymns. Priced at £20.00 for a score and full set of parts it is available from Durham Music!music-by-d-golightly/cidy and my own company Modrana Music Publishers Ltd. 

Verse 1 (511kb)
Verse 2 Extract (804kb)
Verse 3 extract (737kb)


ID: 979-0708056 57 7 A Weardale Portrait Score and Pts

A difficult contest type piece for Brass band. Commissioned and recorded by Stanhope Brass Band, this work capture all the atmosphere, landscape and culture of the Weardale valley. A very evocative work that divides into a number of sections. River Mist, Weardale Dawn, The Bonnie Moor Hen, Sulkie Fair, Tent of Hospitality. River Nocturne. Roundabouts. This work uses all the colours available to the Brass Band. A challenging yet rewarding piece.

River Mist (903kb)
Sulkie Fair (787kb)
Tent of Hospitality (972kb)
River Nocturne (926kb)
Roundabouts (549kb)




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