Commission New Music
David F Golightly

Commission New Music for 2017-2018 

Applications to initiate a commission should be made initially to the Publisher

Modrana Music Publishers Ltd.


David F Golightly has had vast experience both as an arranger/orchestrator and a composer. He has arranged for film and, theatre and has composed original pieces for a considerable variety of solo and ensemble groups. His expertise has been further demonstrated in other commissioned work, including chorus, chamber opera, concerto, and full symphony orchestra.

Once an approach has been made a series of meetings will be necessary between the composer and commissioners.

There are a number of primary issues, which always need clarification before any commission can proceed. ie Style, Musicianship, Sound of the ensemble. Costs involved. Musical and PR benefits for both parties. Recording rights. Launch premiere. Press notification. Match funding from other supporting organisations: i.e. BSIA PRS foundation. Exclusivity of performance duration. (Normally a year after premiere) Presentation of Score/CD with the commissioner's dedication!

Time Scale.

Contained within the contract between the composer and the commissioner will be a series of deadlines.

Dates for the composer to visit the ensemble to develop the musical uniqueness of the commission. To tailor the commission exactly to the musical style and ability of the group.

Dates for the composer to meet with the commissioner to discuss and demonstrate how the music is evolving.

At least one date to talk with the ensemble about the music and PR benefits for both parties.

Date score is required by conductor.

Date score presentation has to be approved by conductor for ensemble.

Date score and parts have to be provided for commissioner by composer.

Rehearsal dates that composer will attend.

PR dates for photos, press release, etc.

Premiere date.

If CD involved, launch date for CD.


There has to be a recognised desire and need for both parties to be happy and realise the potential of the commission process.

Invariably the whole project evolves and develops uniqueness based on the input of both the commissioner and the composer.

The commissioning process can be a hugely rewarding experience for both parties. There are a considerable amount of hidden benefits from which to gain a maximum PR and corporate potential. These, however, need a strong commitment from both the composer and commissioner to be realised.


There is a legally binding contract prepared and approved by The British Academy of Composers and Authors.


The cost depends on the duration of the piece and the resources involved. It is normally worked out per minute of composed music. The British Academy recommended scale ranges from- Solo work £245.00 per minute composed music, to Orchestral work £780 per minute composed music.

In reality most commissioners do not follow the above guidelines and are more likely to negotiate direct with the composer for payment in kind as well as financial. It is much better for both parties if part of the commission is a CD release. i.e. The commissioner and composer both benefit from the publicity potential that a CD launch and release can provide.

In any case some financial payment will have to be made to the composer and 50% of the total sum should be paid at the exchange of the initial contract.

Finally it must be stressed that the commissioning process is a partnership. Both parties should gain a lot of artistic reward and satisfaction from a successful project. This combined with significant long-term promotional returns.

List of Past Commissions.

1979 "Moods" for Solo Clarinet Commissioned and premiered by Roger Heaton.

1980 "Serenade" For Solo Tuba Commissioned and premiered by Jim Anderson L.S.O. Tuba

1981 "Septet for Brass" Commissioned and premiered by Tom Atkinson BBC Northern Brass

1993 "Rights of Passage" Commissioned and premiered by Soglasie Choir of St Petersburg.

1994 "St Petersburg Mass" Commissioned and premiered by Soglasie Choir of St Petersburg.

Premiered 1994 State Capella St Petersburg. Broadcast by Russian Television and Radio

1994 "Frontiers" Commissioned and premiered by Hull Male Voice Choir.

1996 "Three Shadow Portraits" Premiered and recorded by Jonathan Middleton.

1997 Piano Sonata no 1 Premiered and recorded by John McCabe

1998 "A Weardale Portrait Commissioned premiered and recorded by Stanhope Silver Band.

2000 First Symphony Recorded by City of Prague Orchestra.

Supported in partnership with Middlesbrough Football Club.

2002 "Letters of Regret" Commissioned and premiered by "The Fenice Piano Trio"

2006 "Second Symphony" Serge Inkov St Petersburg Orchestra Premiered 2006 State Capella St Petersburg

2007/8 "Waits a Dragon" Trilogy" Modrana Publishing. First Book completed

2007 "Chronicles and Journals" Modrana Publishing 12 Books completed 2007 of the Pieces of Light and Dark"

2007 Into My Heart Song Cycle Recording scheduled 2009

2008 Trumpet Concerto Premiere 2009

2008 Piano Trios 1&2 Recording scheduled 2010

2008 Preludes and Fugues Recording scheduled 2010

2009 Bassoon Concerto Completed

2010 Frontiers Orchestration.

2010 The Christmas Rose for S.A.T.B. Completed

2010 Songs of Time and Place. Completed

2010 Variations on Psalm 33 for S.A.T.B and Organ. Completed Late June

2010 Cornish Fishermen for T.T.B.B. and Piano completed

2011 Violin Sonata. Completed early January.

2011 Cello Sonata Completed.

Songs of an Evening Sea Completed.

2011 Preludes and Fugues on the DFG Codes Completed December 2011

2012-14 Prometheus Ballet

2012-13 Requiem Mass.

Commissions Work in Progress.


David, at the moment, is available for commissions of chamber music and choral settings. Large orchestral works have to be planned within a long term time scale and schedual. You need to contact the Publisher via for details and to discuss contracts. etc.






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