Johnson String Instrument: violin, viola and cello sales, rentals, strings and accessories, plus sheet music, and much more.

ZDT Entertainment Network: Your Connection to a Career in the Recording, Film, TV and Radio Industries.

American choral directors association.
Data base of choirs and choir music.
Data base of Musicians and contacts
Site designed to bring all artists together, promoting harmony and unity.
British Music information. Visual examples of the scores of David F Golightly Biographical details, scores and recordings of most British composers
Business Directory
CD distribution site. World wide sales all styles, on line ordering.
UK data base of choirs. Features the choral music of David F Golightly
American Classical Music Radio Station. Broadcasts a vast selection of very good contemporary music. The unique radio program devoted to little known repertoire of all musical periods with an emphasis on the old (Baroque and before) and the "New Classical Music". With host and producer Marvin Rosen - On the air since May 1997 WINNER OF THE ASCAP DEEMS TAYLOR RADIO BROADCAST AWARD FOR 2005
Very informative website with detailed information about classical composers and their music. Lots of detailed organised information.
Looking for the best live music?
Classical CDs Contemporary British Composers and Artists Scores and recordings of David F Golightly
Active in the promotion of British Music since 1960 CDs and rare recordings. Arietta Cd features many arrangements of David F Golightly.
Durham Information Guide Information provided by Durham County Council
Professional flautists world wide. Vast data base
Agent for a vast number of professional performers.
Shop online for a wide selection of home lighting and light fittings at low internet prices and fast home delivery service -
University Library Scores
The UK''s premier website promoting composers and performers with over a 1000 links. Scores and recordings of David F Golightly.
Data base of Musicians and helpful advice
"Excellent world based site concerned with real issues of culture, social equality,enviroment and all those elements that contribute to the good of humanity".It is an open global platform to all for fostering global connectivity.
The Millennium Arts Society is dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of the most creative and progressive talents in the arts today. The goal of this site is to provide a fresh, independent perspective on contemporary arts and artists. Using the menu you will find articles, interviews, cultural commentary and information about current MAS projects.
Memorandum submitted to ministry of Sport and the Arts music usage within the United Kingdom.
Data base of choirs. David F Golightly Choral Music
Classical Music web site features lots of English composers.
Data base for musicians, theaters, etc.
Classical music data base.
UK directory of musicians and resources.
Musicians Magazine
Premiere American Professional flautist interersted in contemporary music. Exceptional performer and musician.
Site promoting the North-East
American CD retailer very sympathetic to contemporary music.
Serge Inkov is choral director with the Kirov and is available for opera and choral workshops. In addition he conducts a number of important orchestras throughout Russia
Data base of performers worldwide and vast data base of compositional competitions worldwide.
The Fenice Piano Trio The trio has recently commissioned and premiered ''''letters of Regret" by David Golightly and have also commissioned miniatures by the same composer. The Trio are also in the process of recording their first CD. All are professional musicians of some standing.
News and Communications Agency specialized classical music in Brazil.
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