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Tuba Sonata (979-0-708108-13-9)

This Tuba Sonata, commissioned by Ewan Easton (Halle Tuba) represents my mature style and as a past tuba performer, I hope I have captured the essence of the instrument in an interesting and unique way. The opening movement is declamatory with a lively humorous middle section. The second movement is lyrical and reflective exploiting the expressive range of the tuba. The last movement is lively in rondo form and again suggests a jolly humorous mood. The range for the complete sonata goes from a low E natural to a high E flat. You can request a part in treble clef for Brass band players just state on the order Bb flat or Ee flat.


"David writes music with great intelligence and accessibility, that also captures a human spirit that makes you want to share his music in-performance"
Ewan Easton
(Halle Tuba)
Tuba Sonata Movement one Extract (968kb)
Tuba Sonata Movement Two Extract (984kb)
Tuba Sonata Movement Three Extract (965kb)

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